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Sapphire Diamond Fue Hair Transplantation

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Sapphire Diamond Fue Hair Transplantation

By using hair punches selected according to the size of your hair grafts, the number of hair grafts you need is removed one by one with the help of a micromotor. The extracted grafts are sorted on special solutions and divided into single, double, triple and multiple. With special Sapphire Diamond mini blades adjusted according to your graft size on your defined hairline, incisions are created taking into account the aspects of your hair that should come out naturally. After that, your hair grafts are placed one by one into these created incisions according to the planning. The aim of the Sapphire Diamond Fue method is to provide maximum graft transplantation to a narrow area and to keep naturalness at the forefront with more minimal scars. It can be applied with and without shaving.


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