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About Us

As NS Hair Clinic, we provide services to our patients and clients in different medical fields. with our clinic, which we established in 2014, we have served our patients and clients who have hair, beard and eyebrow problems in Denmark and Germany for many years. With the beginning of the pandemic period, we made a definite return to Turkey and started to serve our patients and clients by creating a new portfolio here.

Together with our expert and competent team, we prefer to use Micromotor Graft extraction, Sapphire FUE Hair-Beard-Eyebrow transplantation incisions and DHI techniques in our operations. And we believe that with proper planning, hairline determination, and the preservation of existing grafts, we can achieve much better results with fewer hair counts.

In the process of hair, beard and eyebrow transplantation, we take care to provide patients with a 360-degree treatment and to provide patients with medical support in addition to surgical treatment in order for patients to get good and natural results.

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